LinuxCNC Buildbot Developer Info

Results from recent builds

Compile and test results:

Auto-built docs from recent builds:

Clang analysis of recent builds:

We also do occasional runs through Coverity's static analyser via their excellent Scan program. Contact Sebastian Kuzminsky <> if you want access.

If you want to look around the auto-build debian archive, go to the dists/ directory.

Build details

All branches that are pushed to the git repo are built and tested by the buildbot. If a build is successfull, the build results (debs, docs, clang results, etc) are recorded in the places listed above.

Each "buildbot build" consists of many individual compile cycles, on many different build machines:

Sorting of packages and other build results

Debs from the official release branches are placed into the regular per-branch components within the Debian archive (as of this writing, the "official release branches" are v2.4_branch, v2.5_branch, and master, but see scripts/ for the actual branch-name-to-deb-component mapping).

Debs from un-official branches (mostly short-lived experimental branches), are put in the "scratch" component. To access these debs, add one of these stanzas to your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/linuxcnc-buildbot.list (select the one appropriate for your distro):
deb $DIST scratch-sim
deb-src $DIST scratch-sim
deb $DIST scratch-rt
deb-src $DIST scratch-rt

Debugging failed builds

So you pushed something to the git repo (to master or to one of the stable release branches or to a private experimental branch), and something broke - the buildbot failed to compile your version. What went wrong?

A developer's workflow using the buildbot for testing

If you're working on a new feature or a bug fix, you can use the buildbot to automate a bunch of your testing:

General info

If you want to help by running a buildslave, start by reading the Buildslave Admin Guide.